Purple Tomato Entertainment is a company driven by passion, performance, professionalism, and perfection. Money can sure buy a lot, but it can’t buy passion, determination or a positive attitude. Every event is as important as the last at PTE. We believe that continuous learning, development, and meticulous attention to detail leads to service excellence and client satisfaction. We look forward to growing our company with you.


PTE is very proud of keeping their clients happy from the first email to the last, after which a follow-up message is sent on order to assess the client’s level of satisfaction in order to constantly improve.

• PTE upholds a high level of professionalism and integrity.
• PTE has a high standard of customer satisfaction.
• PTE has never been late for an event in 6 years.
• PTE staff always come dressed for the occasion.
• All gear is fully draped to complement the event’s décor.
• PTE is always on time and ready.
• PTE does ample testing before the event.
• PTE staff are approachable, friendly, and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.
• PTE staff are very accommodating.
• All Dj’s accept requests from guests with prior consent from clients.
• PTE maintains a vast variety of music ranging from the 1930’s to now.
• PTE maintains music with different cultural backgrounds in order to cater to any crowd.
• PTE does not charge for its consultations with clients in order to maintain a high level of customer relations.
• PTE delivers professional sound and lighting equipment to provide a high quality experience.
• PTE’s event/wedding planner ensures that all requirements are met for the full PTE experience.

More Info:

Purple Tomato Entertainment is an entertainment company that has been running for two and a half years. It was started by Chris and Marc who are both directors at the company.
Between them an ASE sound engineering Degree and a total of 14 years experience in the industry is reflected. PTE is a new, fresh, and fun company that is setting trends in the sound and lighting industry, cementing PTE as a considerable force to be reckoned with.

Purple Tomato Entertainment provides all your sound, lighting and audio-visual needs. Whether it be your corporate lunch, your nephew’s bar mitzvah or your once in a lifetime wedding day, we have got you covered. We take great pride in our company and our service. We come dressed for the occasion, we drape our equipment, and in the six years we have been operating we have never once been late. We do whatever we can to complement your event and meet all your requirements. With our friendly service and professional equipment we ensure you an unforgettable experience and aim to impress all who attend. We can provide you with a variety of dancers including the exhibition dance champions of the world. No matter what sort of dance style you would like for your event we can cater to it, weather it be latten, ballroom, exhibition, hip hop or any other form of dance style. We are also proud to say that we offer a number of bands and musicians ranging from pop, to rock and even jazz.
We cater for all events including but not limited to:
Weddings (Ceremony, Pre-Reception, Reception) • Birthday Parties • School Functions • Corporate functions • Year-end functions • Conferences • Live Productions (Front of House, Back line) • Funerals • Bachelor and bachelorettes • Public Events

We also provide a very wide range of music and can cater to all cultures including Afrikaans, English, Brazilian, Portuguese, Irish, Indian as well as many African cultures. We also have music dating back to the 1930s and can cater to all age groups. Whether it’s a 14th or 70th birthday, we have done them all.


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Chris 076 116 5631